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Fashion Files

Fashion Files

GUP Magazine
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The Fashion Files promotion lets you receive two GUP fashion issues for the price of one: order the GUP#8 Fashion Photography and receive GUP#18 Fashion issue for free!

GUP#18 (Jan 2009) features work by photographers:

Albert Watson, Dennis Duijnhouwer, Corriette Schoenaerts, Petrovsky & Ramone, Boudewijn Neuteboom, Jolijn Snijders, Dennis Schoenberg, Julie Pike, Roberta Ridolfi, among others.
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GUP#8 (Jan 2007) features work by photographers:
Edland Man, Vincent van de Wijngaard, Tara Fallaux, Marcel van der Vlugt, Marcqui Akins, among others.
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