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GUP #053 – Infinity

GUP #053 – Infinity

GUP Magazine
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GUP #053 – Infinity

Where do we begin, when we talk about infinity? Where do we end? Or, is that looking at it the wrong way entirely, because we’ve already been doing it, and will always continue, forever?

As individual humans, we are bound by the constraints of our biology. We do not experience the infinite first-hand, so we conceive of it as an idea. We understand the notion of limitlessness because we experience limits, and then spend our lives in pursuit of trespassing the boundaries that confine us in this reality.

Artists featured in this issue: Benedict Redgrove, Osheen Harruthoonyan, Katrin Koenning, Jessica Thalmann, Hannes Wiedemann, Francesca Cesari, Natalia Wiernik, Matjaz Tancic, Xiaoyi Chen a.o.

May 2017
180 pages (paper by Fedrigoni®)
225 x 166 mm