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New 2012

New 2012

GUP Magazine
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A hundred fresh eyes make for an awe-inspiring collection; naked breasts and bodies collide with dead animals or furniture, while ghostly black and white portraits neighbourly accompany imposing land- and cityscapes. Four photos per artist is just the right amount, and it’s a wonderful idea not to sort the book thematically; the variety doesn’t jar, it delights and refreshes, like a plateful of hors d’oeuvres at a good party.

New Dutch Photography Talent is like a menu: its minimalistic text promises more delicacies to come. Simply covering the artists’ names, birthdates and places of study, it gracefully bestows all the honor upon their novelty and youth. Yet it’s also a shame not to get a caption or short introduction, especially on the more intriguing or exotic series (like… what is this baby hippo doing there?) However, and I assume it was the editors’ goal, it also focuses our attention on the most important : reveling in the visuals, which never need explanation to be striking. It’s also a discovery motivator, thanks to the links to the photographers’ websites.

March 2012
166 × 225 mm
420 pages

Edition of 2500 copies

Note: There are 4 different covers for the New Dutch Photography Talent book. The content is the same in each of the books. Unfortunately, it is not a possibility to select a specific cover.

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