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GUP #046 - Community

GUP #046 - Community

GUP Magazine
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GUP #046 – Community

We’re in this together, you and I. And what a wonderful word: we. Suddenly we’re connected, we’re part of something bigger. But before we get swept away with ourselves, here’s some salt with that sugar. As soon as there’s a we, there’s a them, too. Communities have been the bedrock of civilization, the camaraderie and trust serving as a source of security and the basis for growth – so much so that they become something worth defending to the death.

Photographers included in this issue:
Naomi Harris, Ashley Middleton, Oliver Kruger, Sofia Valiente, Álvaro Laiz, Polly Tootal, Ruven Afanador, Noah Rabinowitz, Maija Tammi, Carlos Ayesta & Guillaume Bression a.o.  

August 2015
180 pages
225 x 166 mm