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GUP #044 - Raw

GUP #044 - Raw

GUP Magazine
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GUP #044 – Raw

This is the first issue with a fully new design. We hope you enjoy it.

Let’s cut this to the quick. Only in a world fully saturated in half-truthed fabrications, glossy ideals and romanticized or villainized unknowns could we be drawn so hypnotically into the appeal of ‘the raw’. Maybe we’ve spent so much time in this postmodern house of mirrors that we got fooled by how realistic the reflection looks, and got all turned around.

Photographers included in this issue:
Nadine Blanke, Mike Brodie, Asger Carlsen, Cyril Costilhes, Linelle Deunk, Jens Juul, Sofie Amalie Klougart, Stacy Kranitz, Brian Merriam, Klaus Pichler, Gary Schneider, and Eva Stenram a.o.

February 2015
180 pages
225 x 166 mm